From Microlearning to Macro Impacts

Agile organizations in today’s hyper competitive market space must rely on a skilled, nimble, and flexible workforce to deliver value to their customers and stay ahead of their competitors. Yet, many employers, whether small, medium, or large, face the major challenge of ensuring how to help their staff, particularly those in administrative and technical roles, maintain the necessary skills and competencies to perform their jobs effectively and deliver added value to customers.

Staff Development Model Must Match Needs

Current staff development models and approaches often involve one-size-fit-all training and career development activities. Yet, such approaches have long been proven to be ineffective, impractical, or inadequate. This is because staff at all levels of the organizations need continuous training and targeted skill development programs to remain up-to-date in the current global knowledge economy. However, providing continuous staff training can be costly. Another major issue is that key staff members often must miss work to attend training programs that are offered at times that are either inconvenient or impractical for them.

Training With a Focus on Impacts

Thus the key question is: How can today’s organizations offer training to their employees that’s impactful and relevant to their business needs?

Group of multi ethnic doctors having international training
  Collaborative & Team-based Training 

Microlearning, also called, Nanolearning has recently become a preferred way to provide continuous training to staff. Microlearning uses modern digital technologies such as Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Video Games to offer “bite-sized” contents that people can quickly learn and then immediately apply on their jobs. Other key benefits to using  Microlearning are flexibility and adaptability to specific workforce development needs. This is important as  employees need to get the knowledge and skills that they need immediately and within the right context, thereby, allowing supervisors and staff to balance availability, upskilling requirements, and institutional needs.

The Brightspokes Microlearning Approach

We, at Brightspokes Learning, are singularly focused on helping organizations of all types and sizes gain the most out of their training and staff development investments. We leverage both modern learning technology and the latest research available on training and professional development to offer on-the-job training solutions that minimize both cost and time per employee, leading to greater productivity and Macro Impacts on a company’s bottom line or financial results.

Specifically, our Microlearning training approach is based on the following 5 tenets:

  1. Tailored: Building upon existing skills and current capabilities
  2. Team-oriented: Targeting greater inclusion and work-place cohesion
  3. Measurable: Ensuring clear impacts and cost-effectiveness
  4. Flexible: Supporting broad-based participation and effective learners’ engagement
  5. Dynamic: Using the latest research and practices on human development

With a tight labor market, it is critical for organizations to use novel training approaches such Microlearning to enhance their human capital and thus retain their talents. Such a strategic focus will allow agile companies and organizations to maintain a spirit of community in their ranks while delivering measurable impacts to customers and clients.

Contact us to find out how we can help you “Soar Higher” with our continuing and professional development practice!

Author: Patrick Guilbaud, PhD :: Email Me

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